Souls of Silence

The story of dreams
triumphing over trauma,
love triumphing over shame,
and faith triumphing over death.

Truth cannot wait to be heard.

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The power of dreams and the greatness of true love can actually transcend the limits of the possible. This core message defines the story, its social relevance and its literary features elaborated in the sections below.


A rundown of the plot, describing the protagonists and the crucial points of the story—their meeting, their dreams, and their pure, strong, true yet silenced love.



The final and most moving chapter of the novel, depicting the early life of the protagonists' daughter.



The collection of memorable pieces from all over the book.



Author's essay on the book, explaining its social mission and reviewing its core ideas.


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In line with the book and Jorge's research, #TruthWarrior is a blog about about empathy, social justice, courage, faith, and the power of dreams.


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